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Pediatric Compounding at Cerreto's Maryville IL Pharmacy Maryville Illinois

Compounding is becoming a popular solution to problems with administering medications because it allows us to prepare a medication that is unique to the specific patient. In recent years compounding has experienced a resurgence, as more and more pharmacists and physicians are realizing the benefits of compounding and the preparation of unique dosage forms. Patients and prescribers are no longer limited to the “one size fits all” medications. Customized preparations allow for removal of problem-causing additives (such as preservatives or dyes) and is also ideal for unavailable medications or combination prescriptions.

We are an independently and locally owned retail pharmacy. There is a 24 hour turn-around time on most compounded medications. We offer delivery to local residences and businesses and also have shipping options available. We will maintain significant on-hand quantities for your most commonly prescribed formulations.

Is there a medication you wish existed or a different dosage form or strength of an already existing medication? Is there a drug that worked well for your patients but is no longer commercially available? Chances are, we could help you solve these problems and look forward to discussing this and other treatment options with you.

2700 N Center
Maryville, IL 62062
Phone: 618-288-7474
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Monday–Friday: 9am-7pm
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Pediatric Compounding at Cerreto's Maryville IL Pharmacy Maryville Illinois

Ceretto's Maryville Pharmacy is Your Source for Pharmaceutical CompoundingNON-STERILE PRODUCTS:
We have a lab that is specifically designed for the preparation of non sterile medications such as transdermal creams or lotions, shampoos, otics, oral paste, capsules, suppositories, medicated treats, solutions and suspensions. These can all be prepared within 24 hours of ordering unless the medication has to be ordered in. As with the sterile products, these can be made on an as needed basis or can be made in bulk for office use.

Common Request at Cerreto's Maryville IL Pharmacy Maryville Illinois


  • Menthol/
    Eucalyptus Sorbitol Lollipop
  • Dextromethorphan/
    Sorbitol Lollipop
  • Tetracaine Lollipop


  • Ondansetron Topical Lipoderm
  • Ginger Roof Sorbitol Lollipop
  • Promethazine Topical Lipoderm


  • Cyanocobalamin
    Topical Cream
  • Cyanocobalamin
    Topical Foam


  • Omeprazole
  • Lansoprazole
  • Sildenafil Citrate
  • Ranitidine
  • Atomoxetine
    (Oil Oral Suspension)


  • Nystatin/ Karaya Gum
    Topical Ointment
  • Cholestyramine Diaper
    Rash Ointment
  • Zinc Oxide/ Benzoin
    Compound Topical Paste
  • Happy Hiney


  • Ibuprofen Suppository
  • Ibuprofen Sorbitol Lollipop
  • Acetaminophen Sorbitol
  • Ibuprofen Transdermal Gel


  • Niacinamide/
    Lipoic Acid
    Topical Cream
  • Niacinamide Acne Gel
  • Niacinamide/
    Acid Topical Acne Gel, Alternate


  • DMPS Topical
    Anhydrous Lipoderm
  • DMSA/Emu Oil Topical
    Anhydrous Lipoderm
  • Glutathione/Emu Oil
    Topical Anhydrous Lipoderm
  • Methylcellulose Flavored
    Suspension Vehicle


  • Lidocaine/
    Epinephrine Topical Gel
  • Lidocaine/
    Topical Foam


  • Ivermectin Topical Lotion
  • Aromatic Head Lice Formula
  • Lice Remedy, Essential Oils


  • Drugs that are not stable in water
    or drugs that taste bad may work well in an effervescent
  • Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate

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